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Innovative Vocation Specific Custom Truck Bodies & Trailers Since 1946

VT Hackney, also commonly known as Hackney, designs, manufactures, and services commercial truck bodies.


Since 1946, Hackney has specialized in vocational truck bodies and trailers built for customers representing the World’s most recognizable brands. We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner by reducing our environmental footprint.

Vintage Hackney

See the Vintage Hackney and Sons Dockmaster Video From the ‘70s.
Combining rear bulk dock functionality with traditional beverage side bays. Offered in both truck body and trailer models, the Dockmaster combines the best of both worlds.
Vintage Hackney from the 70s



"The trucking industry serves the American economy by transporting large quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods over land—typically from manufacturing plants to retail distribution centers."1

Wikipedia Trucking Industry in the US
Wikipedia Transportation in the US

Truck Bodies

VT Hackney, Inc. engineers, designs, and builds custom truck bodies. The Company builds refrigerated truck bodies, trailers, and other custom truck bodies for food and beverage distributors, vending services, utility, construction trade, and emergency, and rescue markets around the world.


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Products and Services

Beverage Vehicles


Hackney has been a mainstay in the beverage industry for over 70 years providing delivery solutions for some of America’s greatest brands. Whatever your beverage delivery system needs or demands, Hackney is “Built to Take It”. Hackney expanded globally in 1992 to make Hackney products available to beverage companies outside of the United States.

Our quality aluminum beverage truck bodies and trailers are assembled by trained craftsmen around the globe. Together with our manufacturing partners, we offer state-of-the-art products, sales and service that’s close to you. Contact us for more information on custom products that will improve your delivery efficiency.


The SideKick offers many of the same features as Hackney’s larger beverage units, including all-aluminum construction, adjustable bay shelving, bottom rail power step, and rear mounted hand truck. Compatible with the Ford Transit 9,950 and 10,360 GVW cab and chassis in either gas or diesel versions, the SideKick can provide over 4,000 lbs. of payload.
The low profile design of the SideKick locates product lower to the ground and can be forklift loaded for pallets. Side door access provides quick retrieval of product and additional convenience when having to maneuver through alleys or extremely congested areas.
Sidekick Photo Gallery


The original concept of the Dimension project was simple. Deliver a beverage body that drives value directly to our customer’s bottom line by continuously improving features focused on 3 critical areas:
While launched over a decade ago, the success and popularity of the Hackney Dimension trailers and truck bodies have reached across borders and oceans to become the most sold beverage body in the world.
Our engineers continue the e/Dm push for perfection everyday as our team receives feedback and works with customers to provide greater value.
Visit the e/Dm features and benefits to see how Dimension plays a critical role in your company’s fleet. Advantages
Dimension Photo Gallery


Yes….we understand….times are changing once again. Stuffing crates of shrink-wrapped drinks into the back of a dry freight trailer does have its limitations. Parking your 53 footer at a gas station and blocking fuel pump lanes with your extended liftgate caused your driver more than a few dirty looks. To make matters worse, the growing number of sku items you are now requested to carry has created complexity in how you efficiently organize your route.
The design and concept of the Hackney Dockmaster provides solutions for today’s beverage market and positions you for future change. A durable trailer or truck body solution that combines conventional side bays in the front with a flat, van-type floor in the rear capable of bulk dock loading and unloading. The Dockmaster allows you to carry more product, by not wasting overhead and aisle space that is typical with a dry freight body or trailer.
Dockmaster provides the flexibility to make conventional multi-stop deliveries on the same route as bulk deliveries. Plus, you are no longer restricted from route changes as removable bay shelving and adjustable rear center divides allow you to adapt front bay and rear pallet space to meet your needs.
Dockmaster Photo Gallery


Controlling the quality of your product is essential in providing the highest level of customer service, but when temperatures spike or plummet, determining the level of insulation and/or refrigeration is critical in balancing product quality and costs.
The Chiller delivers a value driven solution providing insulation to keep your product at the required temperature. Recommended for short to intermediate routes with nominal door opening needs, the Chiller fully protects your beverage products from freezing in cold, winter climates or sweating during hot summers.
If simply insulating is not enough, the Chiller can be combined with a mechanical refrigeration system to guarantee temperature levels stay consistent.
Following many of the e/Dm features imbed in our Dimension, the Chiller is structurally designed to extend well beyond the life cycle of average dry freight trailers and truck bodies.
Chiller Photo Gallery

Polar Bear

Polar Bear refrigerated bays are both insulated and isolated providing maximum temperature controlled conditions. When your environment routinely tops 100 degrees or routes require frequent door openings, your product needs an extra boost to keep it at the right temperature. Polar Bear bays are equipped with swing out doors to lock in the cold and make it easy for the operator to get to product safe and efficiently.
Polar Bear bays offer flexibility and can be sized to meet your needs. They also can be combined with standard Dimension bays or insulated Chiller bays to provide a hybrid delivery solution. One of our most common configurations provides Polar Bear bays at the front for keg delivery with Chiller bays in the rear for beverage racks.
Whether it is a cold plate or mechanical blower option, the Polar Bear is the ultimate delivery solution for insulated and refrigerated requirements.

Bottled Water

Hackney’s bottled water line of bodies continues to lead the industry in design flexibility, durability and safety. Ranging in bay configurations from 4 to 12 bays, Hackney bodies can carry 5 gallon bottled water loads ranging from 120 to 384 bottles. To meet the growing demand to carry new drinking water systems and water softeners, Hackney provides bay configurations customized for these needs.
Hackney bottled water bodies are engineered to maximize payload and carry many of the same ergonomic, durability and maintenance features of our Dimension line. Insulated options are available to surround and protect your product from freezing or hot summer temperatures.


Since 1946, Kidron has been an active partner with the truck transportation industry, committed to designing and manufacturing truck bodies and trailers that can deliver optimum productivity in the distribution of refrigerated cargo.
Our refrigerated distribution K2 truck bodies and G2 trailers — designed for both mechanical and cold plate product protection — set the industry standard for thermal efficiency. Plus, as part of our half-century “partnership” with food service and dairy companies, we are proud of our record for introducing legendary advantages like rugged monocoque construction, foamed-in-place non-CFC insulation, Pressure Pillow Seal™ doors, adjustable compartments and a wide range of labor and cost-saving options.
As the beverage industry grows, so has the demand for refrigeration. Distributors have turned to additional product lines and new markets to grow business, but delivery requirements and regulations amp up the need to keep quality controlled. Kidron K2 truck bodies offer a solution for a fully insulated, multi-temp body that carries the same durability and reliability expected in a VT Hackney product.
Kidron Trailer Bodies

Emergency Vehicles


The emergency vehicle division specializes in Rescue, Hazmat, and Command Center custom body and trailer designs. We engineer vehicles for fire and police departments, mobile communications squads, the Department of Homeland Security, and more. Custom is standard; we deliver road-ready products that are worthy of our nation’s first responders.


Hackney’s sales team is equipped with design tools that permits your department to sit down at your station to design a body layout that works for you, not what the manufacturer has pre-designed for someone else’s needs. This team is expert at insuring every square inch of valuable space is fully utilized.


HazMat response vehicles may vary in size and color, but, its mission always involves mitigation and the requirement to transport a lot of bulky equipment is imperative.
To effectively do that it helps to have a Hackney in your fleet. The low-to-ground floor height and 40” to 42” deep compartment floors facilitate storage of heavy and bulky equipment such as overpack drums, inflatable tents, environmental systems and other equipment required to be stored above frame rail height on conventional emergency vehicle bodies.

Mobile Air & Light: Utility

Hackney offers a variety of mobile breathing air refill solutions for SCBA and SCUBA. Systems are designed to deliver the performance requirements of our customers, whether conventional cascade fill station with static storage or high-performance compressor capable of refilling 80+ one-hour 5000 psi bottles an hour and the newest Scott 5.5 cylinders.
Single to tripe fill stations are available, depending on performance requirements. Shown here is two of three fill stations in operation on this mobile air truck with a 65 cfm, 60 hp compressor.
Mobile Air & Light

Homeland Security

Hackney’s line of homeland security vehicles covers a wide range of body designs for all types of disaster preparedness and response. These range from fully integrated small to large platform command and communications vehicles, to EOD response, to training labs.
Command and Communications vehicles are an essential element to well managed disasters and incident control. Hackney offers a wide variety of platforms to meet the agencies specific requirements and budgets.
Homeland Security

Service Vehicles


Hackney Service bodies were designed in the field where the action is, with critical input from service oriented Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical contractors nationwide. Hackney’s 2000 series “Supertruck” blends a mix of functional utility, outstanding inventory control, highly flexible interiors and shelving, extra sharp appearance, impressive structural integrity and exceptional longevity. Hackney’s Supertruck, complete with shelving, organizes your vehicle so you can get the parts you need to do the job quickly and efficiently.
Hackney Service Bodies were designed in the field where the action is, with critical input from service oriented Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical contractors nationwide.
Blending a mix of functional utility, outstanding inventory control, highly flexible interiors and shelving, extra sharp appearance, impressive structural integrity and exceptional longevity was no easy task, but our customers and the Hackney engineering team were up to the challenge.
The result was a one of a kind service vehicle, modeled after the West Coast “Supertruck” concept, but with loads of unique Hackney innovations to make it adapt and excel in a variety of vocational applications and geographic locations.
Whatever your trade specialty is and whatever size truck you need, Hackney has a model for you. And because they all wear the name Performer, they stand to be the most productive and sales attracting vehicles in your fleet.



From conventional to pre-kitting, Hackney has a variety of bodies available to meet vending delivery needs. Options such as walk-in access, side load retrieval, and refrigeration provide Hackney with the capabilities to make your business successful.

Vending Trailers More Info



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Hackney customers can count on us for better-than-ever aftermarket service with a product support organization that’s been combined under the umbrella of our ST Engineering Hackney ownership. Now more than ever, we’re the ones Hackney and Kidron customers can call for quick, accurate delivery of factory-authorized OEM parts.


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Latest News

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